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August 22, 2018

Back in Town

The Bishops are back for the 2018-2019 academic year!

And it promises to be a great semester and year, with the September opening of the new Delaware Entrepreneurial Center at Ohio Wesleyan University; the January opening of the new Butler A. Jones House of Black Culture; the addition of two new varsity sports, women’s rowing and men’s wresting; and the return of the OWU Marching Band.

The band helped to kick-off the year on a high note, leading the Class of 2022 and new transfer students on their ceremonial First Lap around campus after Convocation.

We’re glad everyone’s back. Forward march!

Welcome, New Students!

Ohio Wesleyan celebrates the arrival of new Bishops from 38 states and 20 countries, including the youngest speaker ever to present at the International Gorilla Conference and a ‘Rocket League’ video gamer ranked among the best 1% in the world.

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‘Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made on’

OWU students travel to England with professor Zack Long to study ‘Shakespeare and the Sites of Performance.’ During their OWU Connection experience, they explore the stages, both actual and improvised, linked to Shakespeare’s success.

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Biology of East Africa

Twelve OWU students travel to Tanzania as part of a Travel-Learning Course with zoology professors John Gatz and Amy Downing. Their trip includes visits to Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater (the eighth natural wonder of the world).

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Exploring ‘The Last Frontier’

Armando Polizzi ’19 and OWU students in two Travel-Learning Courses visit Alaska with professors Craig Jackson and Laurie Anderson to collectively explore ‘Mathematical Models of Climate’ and ‘Plant Responses to Global Change.’

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A New Degree of Excellence

The first three recipients of OWU Bachelor of Science degrees in microbiology, physics, and geology – 2018 alumni Mary Cranley, Derek Shank, and Haley Talbot-Wendlandt – all graduate with honors and are headed to graduate school.

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‘Always Something New to Learn’

Ahmed Hamed ’20 spends six weeks studying Arabic in Morocco. ‘This trip has served to solidify my plans for both the near and far future,’ he says. ‘Going to law school, studying business, and working internationally remain very much at the core of what I plan to do.’

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‘Art and Engagement’

This year’s Sagan National Colloquium showcases artists and academics working to improve the world through their creative skills, scholarship, and service. ‘The presenters, exhibitors, and performers will help us to imagine what our tomorrow may look like so that we can make better decisions today,’ SNC director Erin Fletcher says.

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Associate Dean for Student Success

Doug Koyle joins OWU to help ensure all students receive the assistance they need to persist to graduation. ‘I am honored to be joining such an experienced and passionate team that is committed to helping all students at Ohio Wesleyan University reach their goals,’ he says.

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AVI Fresh

Hungry students, meet anytime dining. Ohio Wesleyan’s new dining partner, AVI Fresh, serves up small-batch, locally sourced, fresh food 24/7.

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Stretching Online Access

OWU Athletics teams up with Stretch Internet for video streaming. ‘Fans of the Battling Bishops will now be able to access live streams, stats, and more on any device – computer, tablet, or phone – all in one location,’ OWU’s Michael Taylor says.

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